Marriage Potential Scale
We’re being very vague here, since Melly and Scarlett don’t exactly have the same taste in guys. Also, guys tend to move along the scale after we get to know them (sometimes up, sometimes down…)

0 – Completely un-dateable. Resembles some kind of filthy, cave-dwelling, rat-eating creature with a personality to match the outer filth. [Note: Really only Smeagol from Lord of the Rings falls under this category… Sorry, Gollum.]

– Has at least one of the following un-date-able qualities:
  • Has tattoos and/or piercings
  • Smells like what a bar probably smells like
  • Looks like someone you would never want to meet in a dark alley
  • Gives you the heeby-jeebies in general
  • Uses language that is filthier than a port-o-potty toilet bowl
  • Is just plain obnoxious

2 – Not very attracted to looks OR their personality. Doesn’t strike you right away as “your type”, but you agree to at least one awkward date, if he asks.

3* – Fairly attractive and seems like someone with whom you might have a fun time

4* – Active church-attendee, pretty hunky, and might eventually reach level five if he can win you over with his charm

–  Marriage material. High standards, stellar personality, AND has looks that make you want to jump his bones (after having him take you to the temple, of course).

* Most men in our ward probably fall under these two categories. Don't worry: we usually give you the benefit of the doubt.