Friday, October 21, 2011

Pretty singles anonymous.

We're not crying while we write this post, contrary to what the picture shows. It's just really hard to find a picture of Melanie and Scarlett together that doesn't feature Scarlett standing over Melanie while she's dying in bed (spoiler alert!). We figure that death beds aren't a good way to start things off.
If you were looking for a blog written by the real Melanie and Scarlett, you've come to the wrong place. And I also feel inclined to tell you that Melanie and Scarlett are fictional characters that live inside Margaret Mitchell's noodle (and in all of our hearts, obvi.) We're just using them as our pen names so that we may remain totally, utterly, happily anonymous.

This anonymous blog was formed by two awkward girls who have been on some pretty awkward dates, and wanted to make fun of said dates without making said dates cry.

We're just your average, awkward, best friends living in Mormontown and attending the local Singles Ward. And let's face it--Singles Wards are full to the brim with stories that need to be told. When you take a bunch of hyperactive, baby-loving 20-somethings and make them take part in semi-ridiculous activities as a ploy to get everyone married off, weird things happen. And lucky for you, we're willing to tell all.

Mostly, this blog is intended to tell silly stories and teach important lessons to all those single adults out there who feel like they are the only ones going on awkward dates. You are not alone, and hopefully you can relate to some of our nonsense and psychobabble. We don't want to give any one a false sense of dating -- some of these dates are going to be adorable and make you bawl your faces off for joy, some of these dates might even be keepers.

We are open books, just looking to share a bit of awesome hilarity with the blogging universe.

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